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  1. Engine design
  2. Subsystem study


  1. Engine mounting
  2. Machining
  3. Component benches
  4. Metrology
  5. Electronics & wiring
  6. Vehicle intrumentation


  1. Test cells
  2. Power measurement
  3. Engine tuning


  1. Sale on shop
  2. Sale shipping

Engine design



Moteur et son support en cours de finalisation



LORRTEC realize engines adapted to your needs and to technical rules, for all disciplines:

- Rally : Gr N, Gr A, F2000, VHC, etc...

- Racetrack

- Leasure








The conception team ensure the design of an engine from the scratch to the ignition, according given specifications of performance, cost and size. Some examples of technical studies : design of connecting rods, pistons and crankshaft, calculation of valve timing, design of lubrication and cooling circuits, turbocharger matching or volumetric efficiency optimisation, calculation of valve (springs, seats) ect…